Our full service approach will integrate asset, debt, tax, and risk management strategies into on seamless financial solution.

Lucchese Financial Services was designed to offer access and expertise you would expect from a large, national institution, with the stability, objectivity, and personal services of an independent firm. We’ve structured our company to give our clients the highest levels of individual attention, while providing access to appropriate and well thought out financial solutions.

  • We place great importance on understanding your needs and objectives in order to develop and implement a customized wealth management strategy. Each relationship is viewed as a unique partnership with an emphasis on understanding and addressing all issues affecting your net worth.
  • We believe exceptional service can only be delivered by individuals committed to doing so. Our team was selected to deliver an unparalleled level of service with a focus on meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. We possess the experience and resources to address the multitude of financial management issues that you encounter.
  • We embrace the nurturing of multiple generations in developing sound financial management practices. Close interaction is also encouraged with your other advisors including accountants, attorneys, and estate planners to ensure a comprehensive and appropriate financial management strategy.
  • We are committed to frequent communication with full access to our team and our resources. Regular periodic reporting is prepared to provide portfolio status and account activity details. We emphasize the benefit of tracking our clients’ total net worth and asset allocation to provide an enhanced overall picture. Furthermore, we possess the capability and responsiveness to produce highly customized analyses to meet your specific requests.
46: Annuity Primer

Show this video to everyone (all ages) . . . explains the fundamental values of annuities, as well as the differences between types of annuities, with emphasis on safety and security.

04: Indexed Annuity

Show this video to people with retirement savings in mutual funds who do not want responsibility for investment risk or money management decisions.

02: Income Annuity

Show this video to people over 60 who want guaranteed lifetime income without market risk or money management responsibilities.

28: Rollover Annuity

Show this video to anyone with an IRA, SEP, 401k or 403b . . . explains the advantage of converting retirement plan mutual funds into indexed annuities.

70: Safe Money Contracts

Show this video to anyone who questions the safety of their money in any type of life insurance or annuity contract . . . explains why insurance contracts
are safe for their money.

42: Withdrawal Guarantee

Show this video to people planning for retirement . . . explains the inherent risk to managing investments during retirement, and the benefits of a Guaranteed Income Benefit rider.

20: Split Annuity

Show this video to people with bank CDs who need income . . . explains using a combination of deferred and immediate annuities to create more income without spending principal.

73: CD to Annuity

Show this video to anyone with an IRA, SEP, 401k or 403b . . . explains the advantage of converting retirement plan mutual funds into indexed annuities.

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